We heard that you're looking for a web designer!

Show me how your website looks, and I'll tell you who you are
How your website design looks to your visitors, is the same as in how you represent yourself to your clients.
If your site visitor does not feel comfortable upon landing on your webpage, they may navigate away in a matter of seconds.
Well you have come to the right place, we are a website design company from Montreal, Canada, that can bring your business to life.

At Shant Web Design, we create web pages and design websites from scratch, that meet and exceed your expectations, we have an excellent web design and web development team, that will build a friendly, easy to navigate website for your customers.
Just ask our clients, see what they have to tell you about us.

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Web Design Leaves

Web Design

It’s time to promote your business and boost your sales, and we are here to help you! We continuously strive to raise the bar higher, by delivering state of the art website designs and web tools that are customized to suit your needs.

Custom Web Applications

Wether you need a simple webpage with an interactive content, an e-commerce site or a fully-dynamic database-driven portal, we develop high end web applications with a cutting edge industry leading technology that exceeds your expectations.

Content Management

We give you the tools and software to easily manage your website on your own and update its content, to keep your visitors and clients up to date and aware of the latest news and services your company offers.

User Experience

A clean eye-friendly website layout will help your clients navigate through your site blindfolded, and a user-friendly design will allow them to interact with your site with confidence from their first visit. You can rely on us to increase your Return on Investment (ROI) conversion rate.

Search Engine Optimization

A well planned and optimized website is the essential key to keep your company at the top of the market. Your busniess will always benefit from the high search-engine ranking feature that we implement on your website.

Why Shant Web Design?

What makes us stand out in the crowd is that when we start designing a website, or developing a web software for your business, we put ourselves in your shoes (literally), we create a wesbite as if it will end up being used by our own customers.
The web design process is broad, and our highly motivated team of freelance web designers are very detailed.
Our goal is always to make a website design unique, slick and practical at the same time.

The website designer's job doesn't stop at "create a webstie" or "build a website", a web designer will create and reproduce what you have in mind. The web designer's job is also to make the viewing and navigating experience smooth, easy and memorable.